Hey everyone,

we're a small, distributed team currently working on Project Neon, a new shmup for the Neo Geo:

As we're building the game on top of the awesome work done by the Neo Geo Dev Community, one of our goals along the way is to active give back to the community as well smile

So to kick things off, we're happy to announce the open source release of trace2pprof:
team-fullset/trace2pprofGitHubConvert MAME traces to profiles for pprof. Contribute to team-fullset/trace2pprof development by creating an account on GitHub.

trace2pprof is a high-performance parser written in rust, that allows you to convert trace files create with MAME to be visualised & analysed in pprof.


While not tested yet, this should not only work with Neo Geo projects, but pretty much everything you run in MAME.

Let us know what you think,



Lovin it !!!
After a look this is really interesting ... smile
Thanks for this contribution