HERE is another tiny Intro... it's called "Subspecies unfinished" and only 3494 Bytes but I hope you like it!

pat_02_1.png pat_02_2.png
NeoNoPanepon2 is not dead but it gives me a lot of headaches... more complex than i thought, especially the 2 player mode. so i have released something else on my patreon account - a very cute jump&run techdemo (download should be available)


Hoooooo mais c'est tout mignon ça !

Happy to have some news of you (and your production)
I will news it
avatarLa Neo Geo CD à son site (en tout cas elle essaye...): http://neogeocdworld.info/
Le forum de la Neo Geo sur Yaronet: forums/264

Un petit site sur l'Atari Falcon avec plein de trucs bon pour votre poussin: http://falcon.ti-fr.com/


Beautiful just Beautiful! Keep up the good work and thanks very much for lifting all our spirits! The platformer looks sooooo good can't wait to try it!!!


Really nice


AWESOME! Very impressive job Blastar!


Hi guys, it's cool to be here and find new posts after the COVID crisis !

Blastar , in your jump&run techdemo, sound FX sounded like SSG sometime ! the sounds FX sound like SSG sometime ! is that it?
same thing for No Neo - No Party (Released 21 April 2019 ) -> All background music in this demo, uses only SSG sounds ? - Im remeber also your words about your 'no-neo-no-party-4k-intro#post' >>>>>>> - z80 = 6.754 bytes (based on Leonards Z80 but highly optimized & Timer based)'
-> I have a question for you man: did you create your own YM music converter?

Hope that you will update this last demo in this section 'All NeoGeo releases! https://demozoo.org/productions/?platform=89 tagged/neogeo or also on https://www.pouet.net/user.php?who=14335 in your profil 'blastar'...

Several years ago, on 'Demoscene BBS - Dead Hackers Society' https://dhs.nu/bbs-scene/index.php?request=16894 , I found a discussion in may 12 2012, between José aka Chuck/Dune and Leonard
-Here, Arnaud/leonard was talking about his first demo 'NeoGeo 3D!', but also about his first and great Z80 sound driver for YM music
... and Leonard said these ' I will release the source code as soon as i clean up things ' and ' I should relaese the YM music converter too, if you want to convert other YM music'
Unfortunately this toolkit /sound driver in asm for YM sound on N-G, has never been released until now !!!
Maybe chuckdun will bring us this kit soon ...

Last request for you Blastar:
-> could you share here, your patreon_02_techdemo_01.zip please ?
And congratulations on your great work man !!!!
See Ya !


so many questions!

"No Neo - No Party" & "Subspecies unfinished", both use SSG. I watched how Leonard creates the sound in his 3D demo... it took me some time but I was able to understand what kind of data I need. in Leonards 3D-demo the Z80 is timed by the VBLANK which is not correct (but the easiest way) - the VBLANK runs at 60fps (except PAL) the original sound at 50fps, so the sound is a bit too fast. based on this idea I wrote my own z80 with correct IRQ-timer which I use for this kind of mini-demos/intros. the resulting data for a complete song is however enormous and hard to use in a game but not impossible. such a converter is actually quite simple... if you have understood the principle!

I will update POUET and DEMOZOO when I find the time, there is no hurry.

in the 'jump&run techdemo' I only use CDDA and ADPCM-A samples, I'm a bit lazy and have little use to deal with SGG or FM.

'patreon_02_techdemo_01.zip' should be free to download, just open the post directly or here is the direct-link, I thought this works fine since it is a free post!


NeoNoPanepon2 looks so great eek
In pixels we trust.


260 Coin Challenge!


nice run! top


Wow, really looks amazing smile great work on the animations and sprite design and graphics in general! The music too is cool, it's pretty rare in the end, Neo Geo games which use the YM smile
avatarHighway Runners, mon jeu de racing à la Outrun qu'il est sorti le 14 décembre 2016 ! N'hésitez pas à me soutenir :)



The same !
Animations, music and colors are awesome. A great project !
In pixels we trust.