Hi there! I've recently been programming an audio driver for the neogeo (mainly as an exercise!)
This is the repository of the project:
GbaCretin/Mezz-Estate-NeoGeo-Audio-DriverGitHuban audio driver for the neogeo written in z80 assembly - GbaCretin/Mezz-Estate-NeoGeo-Audio-Driver

The way to format music is specific to this driver and there aren't any tools to compose music for the driver at the moment; but I plan to make one.
The driver itself still isn't complete, but it's somehow usable so it can be tried out...

(Sorry if I might get something wrong, I really am not used to forums)


hi Roberto
welcome to the YARONET forum
do not hesitate to post videos on your youtube channel
see you soon


Keep up the good work! And Thanks For Sharing! I would love to compose some dope chip tunes one day!!!


Yes thanks for this good work smile
Can't wait to see what"s next smile