I am trying to find a way to use NGDevKit's bios with ssideki but I had no luck with it.

The reason I am trying to do this is cause I want to create a bundle of gngeo, the bios and my game for a game jam.

Does anyone know if this is possible or to point me to the right direction.


I use MAME 0.145 (for windows)

It has a "neogeo.xml" file for game ROM descriptions (in "hash" folder).

Download the MAME version of Neotris beta and feel free to change the ROM and the XML description by your own:



Neotris (by the way very cool game and pro execution) a neogeo.zip can be found in the rom dir along with the game rom.
This neogeo.zip looks like it is neogeo's original bios and it is illegal to redistribute.
NGDevKit have it's own neogeo.zip bios, an open source one and it is legal to redistribute, but this bios runs only the puzzledp.zip rom and only if it is made with the NGDevKit.
This is what I am trying to do. To have a bios rom that it is legal to pass around.


maybe this free bios does not support all internal routines!? if you need this special bios you should develop with it from the beginning.


For free and not-physical distribution, I think you can use the Unibios. Read carefully the terms of use



Thanks guys.

Blastar is right, as it turns out the NGDevKit's bios is a bios containing only what NGDevKit requires.

I asked about this over github.

topologic I have seen that but I had no luck using this isolated as a bios with MAME.


Unibios 2.3 works fine with MAME 0.145 for Windows.

But you will not like this:

Not to distribute the UNIVERSE BIOS in any way (physical or digital).


kakoeimon (./6):...
topologic I have seen that but I had no luck using this isolated as a bios with MAME.

mame64 neogeo -bios unibios23 ssideki