Something I wonder about right now.

I guess you could just set every entry in a palette to white, but then every object would need it's own palette. Which might be wasteful and a bit a horror to code..
The other Idea I have would be to render out exactly this for every animation frame. Which would double the amount of data needed for every object. Also a bit wasteful..

So, is there a more clever idea than what I wrote how to do this? smile

How was this done on Pulstar and Blazing Star, for instance?



I think all you need is one palette that has all white entries in the 15 colour slots.

All you do is apply that palette to the sprites that need to be white on that frame.

The key thing is you don't need a different palette for every sprite. You can recycle the same all white palette when needed.

The way I see it every sprite would have its own states and maybe in something like the 'hit' state the palette update would happen quickly then be reset to its original palette.

I'm now also curious if there is a quicker way to do such a thing.


*smacking my head*
You are right. That's off course much more clever... grin

I guess I am still thinking too much in Amiga coding ways... haha

thanks, Mega Shocked... smile


well, it depends a bit on what you want to do. if you want to display a lot of sprites on an AES/MVS then it might be faster to have white animations ready. if you want the ROM to be as small as possible or if the game is for NGCD then switching the palette would be the better option even if it is slightly slower in my opinion.