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This a PRE-ORDER for Dr. Typo Collection. Once all the printed materials (boxes, manuals, labels, etc.) are in our hands, we will immediately begin shipping orders in the order they were placed. Right now we're looking at the end of February as a reasonable estimate. Updates will be posted in the AtariAge Forum (This message will be updated with a link once the thread has been created).

The memorable homebrew releases of the talented Dr. Typo are all brought together in one unforgettable collection. Tube zooming, gem collecting, space destruction, with voxel search and rescue. Included in this collection are the games Tube SE, Tube 2020, Fallen Angels, Gem Race, and Rings. The Dr. Typo Collection takes arcade racing to a whole new level on the Atari Jaguar.

« Tout homme porte sur l'épaule gauche un singe et, sur l'épaule droite, un perroquet. » — Jean Cocteau
« Moi je cherche plus de logique non plus. C'est surement pour cela que j'apprécie les Ataris, ils sont aussi logiques que moi ! » — GT Turbo


Intéressant cette compilation, je vais réfléchir smile