At long last, here we are.

The Eye of Typhoon [Saiki / Tsunami Edition] has reached the point in its development when it needs the advanced playtesting that will allow us to track down the remaining bugs, and proceed to the final fine tuning.


And for that, we decided to turn towards the community and make this beta version public. We did ponder it, with the possibility of immediate bootlegging of our game in mind, of course. But in the end, what we want is to release the best final version that we can. And we can’t reasonably expect to playtest a fighting game, even though it is not one of the most sophisticated kind, on our own.

That’s why we decided this public release would be fully playable and have all the features of the final game. By doing so, we hope to collect as much feedback as possible so we can keep improving the game till the end.

So from this January onwards, here’s your chance to help us do just that. Try this Beta, play it inside and out, and report all the bugs and possibilities for improvements you find. You can tell us what you like as well, we won’t blame you for that.
You can download the rom for Mame and NeoSD as well as a movelist for each of the characters from the project’s itch.io page


Then you can contact us discord:
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Or report stuff on our Mantis server :


Wow! Incredible! Hats off! Thanks so much Team TEOT!


Mega Shocked (./2):
Wow! Incredible! Hats off! Thanks so much Team TEOT!

Thank you ^^

If some ppl are interested by a future NeoGeo CD version let me know here and say hello smile