A few days ago I stumbled across a beautiful game template from pixel artist Luis Zuno... not very complex but fun und cute and with everything needed. I was immediately fascinated and wanted to convert it ... so here comes Flappy Chicken for your NeoGeoCD! I hope you like it.

If you are interested then check my Blog or if you are interested in a NeoSD version or a ROM version for emulators then have a look at my Patreon Page.


A cross between Flappy Bird and Joust!?! Nice work!


OOOhhh mais c'est un super projet Blastar ! je suis content de te retrouver sur NeoGeo CD
Une version 4 Player est il envisageable ? genre avec le projet de HpMan ?

OOOhhh but this is a great project Blastar! I'm glad to see you back on NeoGeo CD
Is a 4 Player version possible ? like with the HpMan project ?

I'm sorry but I can't download the NeoGeo CD iso
La Neo Geo CD à son site (en tout cas elle essaye...): http://neogeocdworld.info/
Le forum de la Neo Geo sur Yaronet: forums/264

Un petit site sur l'Atari Falcon avec plein de trucs bon pour votre poussin: http://falcon.ti-fr.com/


The link on the blog has the domain name twice for some reason; the actual link should be https://blastar.citavia.de/files/Flappy_Chicken_(NGCD).zip


@freem, thanx, fixed! ooh


kuk (./3):...
Is a 4 Player version possible ? like with the HpMan project ?

if you mean the FTC1B board, yes of course a 4player version would be possible, but I don't own one of this rare extension. also the FTC1B only works on a MVS board with compatible BIOS... so no for NGCD. an AES/NGCD 4player version would be possible via the NEOTRIS-4P adapter, which works on AES, NGCD and on many MVS boards... but is just as rare.
for my current side project I use the FTC1B (emulated in MAME via KIZUNA4P, thanks to MegaShocked for pointing me to it), works great so far!

I just released an update for FLAPPY CHICKEN that includes a real 2 player competition mode (thanks to NeoHomeBrew for the suggestion)... with 4 players that would be crazy! rotfl


Wow, nice stuff, Blastar!

Thanks for the game...


Big Ups Blastar! I've been so out of it lately!

I totally respect your creative license and anything you do... that said...

1. Looptris is the shit son! I love it and I'm not a "Tetris" guy I made it to level 12. It was very enjoyable and relaxing to play! I played the 2 player version as 1 player!

Random Thoughts from the mental:

- I wish there was a version with a larger play area in the center of the screen for 1 Player and if joined by player 2 then the screen splits.
- I would love to seen it reskinned with adorable gfx like puzzled....
- Imagine a little guy is in a boat and he floats in the loop
- imagine a damsel in distress at the top of castle....and a little hero is at the bottom....in this round you pull away pieces of the castle to bring the damsel to her hero!

EX: A tall fully completed looptris skinned as a castle that you pull pieces away Jenga style in a time attack bonus round style!

2. Run & Jump! - You already know how I feel about this game!

- It needs a boss!!!!

3. Neo Drift Out Demo

- Played the course in amazement still wondering the next level tech involved in spinning the course!
- Please make something that utilizes this rotation mechanism of yours!

4. FLAPPY M@!$%% F@!*!!ing BIRD - Wicked Arcade Game! The game plays great! Looks and sounds amazing! Damn you Pac Man!

I very much appreciate the shoutout!

- Please consider allowing all buttons to flap....this way you don't wear out A on your AES stick....
- Potential gameplay improvement can you say "charge move" hold B to charge your charge meter....release and see your flappy pinball (in honour of NeoHomeBrew) all over the screen getting temporary invincibility and killing bombs, birds and collecting eggs along the way.
Its really cool because your Flappy has a cool shadow!! trail! or not just saying!

No need to respond unless you feel like it....I'm not expecting anything... the bug bit me so I decided to "bug" you and put the ideas out there....Just know they are based around excitement and not criticism.

Thanks Again Your Projects Rock!

P.S. It would be cool if you made a convention so EX: All your projects show up under Blastar under NeoSD no searching the list etc...