This time it's not my transcode, but adapted from jotd's Amiga project. Get it here: https://tcdev.itch.io/galaxian...

I'll admit this has distracted me from releasing Xevious Beta2...


Deee Jaaaaay Khaled! "Another One!" This is great stuff!

I know its none of my business and I've said it before but offering a reskinned option would really enhance these classics and bring them to the 16 bit era. I think this thing you've got going on has wings!

I know Donkey Kong was mentioned and I love that title plus a reskin would be amazing....

Please poke at Black Tiger to see if its possible...I know I'm terrible thats my ballet in the box. Do you think I like that game lol?


These are awesome! For some reason I really like the idea of old school classics being playable on the Neo Geo. Galaxian is a particular favorite and looking forward to Donkey Kong too

I did notice the enemy bullets disappearing but I saw you already have that in your error log.

Great stuff! Well done on these. Will definitely make a donation when Galaxian is finished.