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I was the one who assembled the files on the CD. I was given a small collection of Syquest 44Meg disks, hard drives (from Atari TT030 workstations), and a large box of floppy disks to look through and see what could be found.

I went through everything and identified if it was PC, Atari, or Macintosh formatted disks/hard drives. I then used various tools and emulators to extract the contents of the disks and collect them together. I did my best to organize the information based on what I could detemine from the files I was able to extract.

Some of the files I went through and converted to a format readable on a PC. For example there were various Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) for Atari Falcon and Jaguar stuff. These files were Pagestream files. I was able to open them using a PC emulator and a copy of Pagestream and export the pages and reassemble them into Adobe Acrobat. Other files were Atari Works documents and spreadsheets that I exported to CSV (comma seperated values), RTF, and text format so they could be open with Microsoft Office.

Here's a description of some of the other files found on the CD:

- pieces of demonstration work for graphic demos from Jaguar developers (e.g. ATD, Rebellion). Most do require an Alpine to run since they are compiled to run in cartridge memory. Some files could be run on a BJL.

- early source code to several games: Highlander, Hoverstrike (in a directory called Tank), AVP (not complete, just partial source code), and the 2600 emulator that Atari was working in-house. The 2600 emulator has a few working ROMs with it, but runs real, real slow. I talked to the programmer who worked on this at World of Atari 1998. He abandoned the project when he realized that he took the wrong direction in the way he was implementing the emulator. He said he needed to start over in the CPU and TIA emulation.

- Encryption generation software source code from early 1995. The encryption source code is mostly related to the CD. There are public and private key files in the directories but the private key is not the final one they used. Interesting thing to note is the public key is the same!!

- Source code to the verifcation tool and CD encryption track generation tools. The verification tool is used to verify a CD after it's been encrypted (or to correctly put it, authenticated). Also source code to the diagnostic software. Developer stubulator ROM source code also.

- CD BIOS source code. Again early 1995 time frame.

- Pulled from a collection of 7 or 8 floppy disks about the most recent copies of the Jaguar PC developer software. Has file dates of mid to late Summer 1995 (Jul through Sep).

- Gerber drill files for printed circuit board for some Jaguar and Falcon related stuff.

I can't recall much more right now about the contents. But the stuff I mentioned above are the true treasures on the CD.

I compiled this CD for people interested in digging into source code and/or documents from Atari. It was information that the Tramiels wanted erased. The intent was to preserve the information for historical value and not let many man hours of hard work be destroyed. Some of the files have copies of the original files in case someone wanted to open them on the applications used on the ST or TT. There are repeated copies of stuff.

Good CD for people who are really into Jaguar development and like examples of stuff to look at and better understand the Jaguar. Or people like Alex who are trying to document the workings of the boot ROMs in the Jaguar.

Hopefully this gives all of you a better understanding of the contents.




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