tiens j'en ai reçu un ce matin: blance neige et les sexes nains de hahaha@sexyfun.net
納 豆パワー!
I becamed a natto!!!1!one!


ouais bah c ça...
et comme pièces jointes g u:
--Sauvez un arbre,
Mangez un castor...--


Je le reçois aussi, mais j'ai que _sexynain.scr comme fichier!
Anciennement membre de l'Homonyme Team...


Bah moi je l'ai eu plusieurs fois, mais bon, à chaque fois c chez Caramail, dc je m'en fout pis de toute façon G d'autre adresse alors qd sa arrive, bah sa s'efface smile
Site en décomposition :( www.graphiti.fr.fm


oué pendons le !


ouais moi aussi ca doit faire 6 mois , que je recois ce put1 de mail.Mais je n'ai eut que _sexynain.scr


Je viens encore d'en avoir 1!
ça fait 2 en 2 j!ragerage
the car's on fire and there's no driver at the wheel
and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
and a dark wind blows

GYBE! Dead Flag Blue


moi ifrance me del auto le virus me previens itoo (:'


g envoyé un mail à hahaha@sexyfun.net pr aller leur dire d'aller se faire foutre ac leurs mails à la con et vala ce ki m'ont répondu (accrochez vs pr la trad.):
|  Please read this whole email as it contains information that can
|  be used to protect your computer from a Virus that is spreading
|  around the internet.
|NOTA BENE: This message is automatically generated; PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.
|           Subsequent email with the same reply-to address should not
|           induce additional responses from this service.


   You are receiving this message because an email, which contained
your email address as the return / reply-to address, was sent to
hahaha@sexyfun.net. This is a list of possible reasons why you received
this message.

1) You sent an email to hahaha@sexyfun.net to request, complain or notify
    this user that they are SPAMMING, sending an email with a virus,
    sending an email that has content that may not be appropriate for
    minors, to be removed from a mailing list, etc..

2) Someone else sent an email to hahaha@sexyfun.net and they are using
    your email address as their return / reply-to address. If this is
    the case we are sorry that this email was sent to you but please
    do read it as it does contain information about a virus that is
    spreading around the Internet that we are trying to stop / slow

3) You may already be infected with the computer virus for which this
    email is trying to inform you of. This virus (W32.Hybris.gen)
    will send a copy of itself to the reply-to address of any incoming
    emails that a infected computer receives. So when you received
    another copy of the "SPAM" that this virus sends out from another
    infected computer, the virus sends a copy of itself to
    hahaha@sexyfun.net since hahaha@sexyfun.net is the reply-to address
    of the "SPAM" the virus sends out.

4) Your anti-virus software sent an email back to hahaha@sexyfun.net to
    inform them that the email they sent to you contains a virus. Most
    of the time this email is sent without you knowing by the anti-virus
    software itself.

5) Someone has subscribed the email address hahaha@sexyfun.net to a mailing
    that you do subscribe to. Our program that sends out this message tries
    to make sure that it is not responding to any emails that it receives
    from a list server by checking the full email headers for list
    information. Some lists do not provide any keys in their full email
    headers that we can use to keep the our program from responding. If you
    think this is the case please contact your list admin and have them
    remove hahaha@sexyfun.net from their member list. Thanks.

6) The above 5 reasons are the most common but their could be others. In
    any case this auto responder message is only triggered when an email is
    sent to hahaha@sexyfun.net and that email contains your email address
    as the return / reply-to address. Do note that our auto responder should
    only send this message once to any given email address.

   The truth about this "SPAM" that contains Snowwhite in the Subject, is
that a virus called W32.Hybris.gen sends out these emails with attachments
that are also infected with this virus from an already infected computer
in hopes to infect more computers. The Hybris.gen virus will use the
computers it infects to collect email addresses by sniffing Internet
traffic to and from the infected computer. It will then send a copy of the
Snowwhite email to the email addresses it has collected. These emails the
virus sends out use a fake / spoofed FROM: address of hahaha@sexyfun.net
to hide its origin.

   We registered the domain sexyfun.net 3-4 months after the Hybris.gen
virus was first discovered in order to setup a web site and provide the
people of the Internet information about this virus as well as tips on how
to detect, clean, trace and protect yourself from this virus, etc...

   Here is a list of other facts that may answer some of your questions
that you may have already.

1) We do NOT maintain any mailing lists on our system.
2) This user (hahaha) does NOT exist on our system.
3) The email that you got with the From: field of hahaha@sexyfun.net
   did NOT come from sexyfun.net, the hosting company (slowmoe.com) or
   the network that our servers sit on. This email address was
4) The email you got is in FACT a way for the (W95.Hybris.gen) virus
   to spread itself around the world / Internet like the ILOVEYOU
   virus of a few months past.
5) If you would look at the Received: line of the FULL email header, it
   will tell you the real IP / Computer name that has sent you this
   virus, which is most likely someone you know that is infected with
   the virus and is not aware of it.
6) The owner of the domain sexyfun.net and the hosting company
   (slowmoe.com) has setup a help page with information about the
   (W95.Hybris.gen) virus, links to software that you can use to clean
   your computer if you are infected as well as other misc. information.
7) We did NOT create the virus or know who the person is that created
   the virus. We are NOT affiliated with this person / persons and the
   same applies to our hosting company.

NOTE: As long as you don't run / open / double click on the attachment
      of this email, this virus should not be able to infect you just
      by reading the email.

Here are links to well known companies of anti-virus products that
will show that what has been said above is true.


This is the link to the web site we have setup to provide additional
information about this Virus.

http://www.sexyfun.net/     (this is not a adult site of any type)

  If have any questions about this, our contact information is located on
our web site ( http://www.sexyfun.net/ )

Thanks you for your time.

  NOTE: Any replies sent to this email are not viewed by us. Please use
        our contact information located on our site. Thanks.

dc apparament c un petit malin ki c amusé à leur prendre une adr. email pr faire ses conneries...
--Sauvez un arbre,
Mangez un castor...--


Vous avez rien compris hahaha@sexyfun.net n'est pas le responsable du virus. C'est un Vers c'est a dire qu'il recupère le carnet d'adresse de la personne infectée. et envoye des courrier [B]depuis un ordinateur infecté[/B] on a l'impression que le message viens de hahaha@sexyfun.net mais ce n'est pas le cas(c'est pas tres dur a faire). Le site www.sexyfun.net a été spécialement crée pour prevenir du virus. Si vous voulez savoir d'ou viens reellement le courrier vous devez l'enregistrer au format .eml et l'edier avec notepad, la vous verez qui a envoyé réeleement le message(a son insu)

info tirée de http://www.sexyfun.net:
[I]Things you should know:
The current owner of the domain sexyfun.net, the hosting company slowmoe.com, and anyone else affiliated with us did NOT create the virus / worm.

This site WAS created in response to the virus / worm/
Hopefully, this site will help you get rid of the virus.

The domain was purchased on Dec-11-2000, this virus was first reported on Sept-25-2000 (to my knowledge)

*** This site is in no way affiliated with any other site on the Internet, this includes sexyfun.com and sexyfun.ca. ***

To make things perfectly clear: The virus is NOT coming from us in any way. The return address has been faked. In all likelihood the infected person doesn't know they are infected, and is sending you the emails unknowingly. If anyone remembers the LoveBug Virus, then you understand. Please read the information below, I hope you find it useful. [/I]
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mwarf atta tu nous prend pour ki ? je te jure..


Uther Lightbringer >les mails st enregistrés ss kel format sur l'ordi???
--Sauvez un arbre,
Mangez un castor...--


eml non ?
c dans ce style
mais faut ouvrire le mail et faire enregistrer sous
pour l'avoir
sinon c tout compressé dans .dbx je crois


ouais... ja v trouvé le dbx mé je ça v po comment avoir 1 seul mail...
--Sauvez un arbre,
Mangez un castor...--


c poa moa en too cas !
.:: Pour votre TI ::.
[URL]http://www.toocaltos.com[/URL] est mort ...
[URL]http://www.ti-rex.net[/URL] le site qui a du chien ! ... heu non du dyno ...


pour le format .eml il suffit de faire enregister sous sous Outlook


Site personnel
Site professionnel

msn / mail : racine.f(at)free.fr


ça fé vachement logtps ke j'en é po u...
--Sauvez un arbre,
Mangez un castor...--


il faut juste que les types qui ont ton adresse achètent un anti-virus et tu l'auras plus


bah moi je l'ai plus en ce moment
納 豆パワー!
I becamed a natto!!!1!one!


Ben moi ca fais une semaine que je le recoit 5* par jour et c'est super chiant la je ne peu pas avoir acces a mes email mais j'ai peur quand je vais ouvrir outlook !! grin
kk'1 c'est comment l'enlever ?
Plus tu pedale moins vite moins t'avance plus vite
Ma team CS


kkun pourrait traduire, jparle po espagnol, sorry ....


c pareil ke mon 1er post du topic...
--Sauvez un arbre,
Mangez un castor...--


erf en francais


comment on fait pour ne plus l'avoir ?
Plus tu pedale moins vite moins t'avance plus vite
Ma team CS


c simple : efface ton mail sur le forum !!
quand t infecté, ce virus est envoyé automatiquement aux mails présents sur les pages web que tu visite.
y a un ou 2 cons qui ont ce virus sur ce forum et qui le refilent a tout le monde !!!!
moi c'est quasiment tout les jours ou je viens sur le forum ! marre.


C'etait un jour avant son dix huitieme anniversaire. Les 7 nains, qui avaient
aidé 'blanche neige' toutes ces années après qu'elle se soit enfuit de chez
sa belle mère, lui avaient promis une *grosse* surprise. A 5 heures comme
toujours, ils sont rentrés du travail. Mais cette fois ils avaient un air

tiens donc ...
"I read the game.dll assembly more easily than you read the joke on the back of your box of Cocoa Pebbles, and have spent the past 2 1/2 years navigating it." ©


c penbuible en effet
jlai bani moi
.:: Pour votre TI ::.
[URL]http://www.toocaltos.com[/URL] est mort ...
[URL]http://www.ti-rex.net[/URL] le site qui a du chien ! ... heu non du dyno ...


je ne le recois plus et vous ?
Plus tu pedale moins vite moins t'avance plus vite
Ma team CS


HighLander : si tu crois que je v contacter tous les mecs qui m'ont dans leur carnet d'adresses, je suis pas sorti de l'auberge ! roll
Combien de personnes ? 1000 ? Et qui ?
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msn / mail : racine.f(at)free.fr


je l'i recu a l'instant fais chier !!!!
Plus tu pedale moins vite moins t'avance plus vite
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