Mise à jour de cette semaine sur Atari ST Compil'

• Nouvelle version de Steem ! il passe à la version 2.5 !

voici les améliorations (en anglais) Bug Fixes

. Fixed PSG write bug (X-Out)
. Implemented FDC spinup (Vroom multiplayer)
. Improved hard drive program terminate emulation (still not perfect)
. Improved MFP accuracy (Harley Davidson, Super Hang-On)
. Fixed some disk formatting bugs (Fastcopy Pro, Acopy, Chambers of Shaolin)
. Fixed GEMDOS void return bug (Amberstar hard drive install)
. Fixed hard drive read only file bug
. Fixed set video address at end of line bug (Relapse Demo)
. Fixed turn IKBD off during reset bug (Just Buggin')
. Fixed trace interrupt with exceptions
. Fixed 512Kb and 2Mb memory sizes
. Fixed FDC seek bug thanks to Kimmo Hakala (Air Supply)
. XSteem: Much improved sound
. Stupid hard drive booting bug fixed

New Features

. Macros - record keyboard/mouse/joystick input (won't work on some versions of Windows)
. Profiles - save all settings and restore them at your leisure (won't work on some versions of Windows)
. Disconnect drive B option (Premier Manager 2, Alternate Reality v1.2)
. Accurate drive speed option
. More flexible shortcuts
. Customisable icons
. Disks in archives can be read/write (changes are lost on eject)
. Minimum size screenshots option
. GUI improved
. Fullscreen quit button
. XSteem: Vastly improved GUI
. DEBUG: Trace is now cycle accurate
. DEBUG: Separate memory monitor and breakpoints
. DEBUG: Step over, shift display, redraw on stop
. DEBUG: Break on interrupt
. DEBUG: Bigger memory/source dumps
. DEBUG: More versatile find in browsers

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